DP Group

DP Group Diamond Polyurethanes

Polyurethane based DIAMOND group is developed for the ones looking for perfectness in water based prints. This group has 13 different special products. Photographic Inks that have no stoppage in high tram meshes, adhesives for foil, glitter and flocking applications, pearl paste, puff and brillant gel. This product group is a high quality product group that provides high fastness and speedy operation for users. Excellent washing fastness

  • Excellent covering
  • Excellent working performance
  • Soft and silky touch
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Compliance with ecological standards

DP 4000 CLEAR                                           Elastic Clear - Suitable for photographic print

DP 4005 WHITE                                           Elastic White - Suitable for photographic print

DP 4015 COLORWHITE                              Elastic White - For Colour Scales

DP 4010 REDUCER                                     Thinner

DP 2000 SOFTCLEAR                                 Elastic Clear - Soft touch

DP 2005 SOFTWHITE                                 Elastic Clear - Soft touch

DP 2025 PUFF                                              Special Puff

DP 2511 PEARLPASTED                              Special Pearl Paste

DP 2555 TITANPASTE                                 Titan Paste

DP 2590 BRILLGEL                                      Brilliant Gel - Glassy Appearance

DP 2700 BONDOFOIL                                 Special Foil Adhesive

DP 2715 BONDOFLOCK RED                     Special Flocking Binder

DP 2720 BONDOGLIT                                 Special Glitter Adhesive