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DE Group Classical Discharges

Discharge group is developed for 100% cotton fabrics in dark colours, rips off the original colour on fabric surface and replaces it with the applied ink colour. The result is a perfect fabric touch nearly ground zero level. We have three different groups, Ecological, Super and Anti Foiling. Each group has their own white and clear pastes. DE-2305 CMYK PASTE which is applied over a ground, printed with ecological discharge is a very special product. This product has an excellent washing fastness that provides a long and comfortable working condition on photographic prints of high trams without any break down.

  • Excellent working performance
  • Excellent washing and rubbing fastness
  • Excellent Discharge features
  • Compliance with ecological standards
  • Excellent colour output

DE 2200 SUPERCLEAR                              Clear for vivid colours

DE 2205 SUPERWHITE                               Vivid white

DE 2210 AFCLEAR                                       Anti foiling clear

DE 2215 AFWHITE                                       Anti foiling white

DE 2220 ACTIVATOR                                   Powder Activator



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